Sunday, May 2, 2010

A weekend of great food, sewing, family and friends

Where to begin?... beautiful weather, that's always a good thing. Good weather also brings with it a delicious season of barbecuing cuisine- well for those of us who are fortunate and do not end up with a pile of charcoal ed (burnt to a crisp) meaty offerings. Quite the contrary for me, thankfully, with a husband who is blessed with excellent grilling techniques! perfect organic beef slow roasted on the BBQ with a mu skeet, delicious.

Sewing has been a slow process, I fear that is partly due to my perfectionist traits. I have almost finished one vest/bolero I just need to insert some ruffles around the armhole- I say 'just' but this will most likely be very time consuming!

You know how everything always takes longer than you expected!? but I am seriously hoping that I can finally get the first few items into the Frenchy and Sophie store this week. Anyway I'm hoping for an early night tonight, another day full of first graders tomorrow. Enough blogging for today, more to come tomorrow :)

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