Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something fascinating

I discovered something fascinating this week. A check mark or a 'tick' as we British would call it has two completely different meanings in two different continents. When correcting school books this week the classroom assistant sitting next to me commented "how come all the ones you grade have so many wrong?" I looked at the page I had just graded and saw a page full of check marks/ticks. I replied "wrong? they have a 100% correct"

It was then that I discovered that the same symbol meant something very different in Britain to what it means in America. Frankly I think it's barmy that a tick can indicate that something is incorrect!

Needless to say a few students must have been horrified looking at their graded work after they had seen my check marks all over the page, especially seeing as i've been grading for a few weeks now!

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