Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sold Sold and Sold :)

Firstly a thank you to my lovely readers Danielle and Kelli and your kind messages to me on my last post :)

Good news on the sale, it went well and I sold quite a number of items! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling when people want to buy your creations, when they get excited about what you have made, when you get to meet your customer face to face and see your creations journeying to a new home.

Here is a picture of my table at the sale

A few days after my sale a customer sent me a photograph of the bunting she had bought from me displayed in her kitchen!
How cute

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A personal note

Have any of you ever moved country? As much as it is an incredible opportunity and presents adventures around every corner, it is definitely the hardest thing that I have ever done. Here I am in Britain surrounded by family and friends... I feel like I'm at home,yet on the the other side of the world awaits my husband, my friends and my house. Two little worlds thousands of miles apart at times I literally feel torn in two.

Sorry for unburdening on you. On a more jolly note I am selling my crafts tomorrow at a golf club so I will let you know how that goes and I'll take a picture or two of my display.

I will leave you with a few pictures from my week

A thatched cottage which I am in love with

The narrowest road I have seen, and yes a car can actually fit on it - just about!

On top of the cliff over looking the ocean a beautiful field of wild flowers

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coastlines and castles

Finally my first night of full sleep :) the eight hour time difference takes a while to adjust to. It still seems bizarre to be here everything which was once familiar is now strange, I drove for the first time yesterday and I was terrified, there is barely any room for two cars to pass next to each other on the road and I was convinced that I was on the wrong side of the road. I pulled over with the intent of calling my dad to check that I was on the right side and then realised that I don't have a cell phone in this country!

One thing that will never change is the beauty of the British coast line.You don't have to drive far to find a new cove each one with its unique characteristics.

I am still completely flabbergasted as to how small everything is and how close together all the houses are. However an aspect which I totally took for grated when living here... the historic settings which are speckled around every part of normal living. Walking around a near by town 'the Mumbles' I observed a completely average neighbourhood with a castle perched behind it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back in the home land

After 18 hours of airport and travel time I arrived in Britain! a whole year had passed since I had set foot upon British soil. As I flew into the airport the first things that struck me were the densely housed areas and the round shaped trees, things I would have never noticed before I moved to the US. Everything here now seems miniature, the cars, the roads, the houses... I definitely appreciate the quaintness and uniqueness and the history that my home land exudes.

I spent a little time in Bristol upon arrival sitting by the river with my parents and my sister whom I had not seen in almost a year. I was anxious that I would loose my close bond with my sister but the moment we embraced it was if no time had passed, I don't think anything can change the unique bond of fond sisters.