Thursday, May 13, 2010

So which wise guy came up with the invention of spinning?

Spinning. Have you tried it?
It's one heck of a good workout but seriously who came up with the idea that grown adults would meet in a room cycle on STATIONARY bicycles and pretend to race each other?
Besides it being a good leg work out I also find it particularly good for the abs- this is due to the fact that me and my friend find plenty of things to laugh about whilst in spin class. Not only are the instructors pep talks of encouragement something to giggle at but the sheer diversity of craziness among the participants is enough to send you into a fit of laughter. For example at our class we have one serious head swinger, every time a leg goes down to pedal her head swings out to the side at great speed, I am surprised that she does not give herself a whiplash injury. We also have the lady who ignores every instruction given and just pedals her little heart out at an insane pace the entire session. And don't get me started on the skinny man who wears Lycra!

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