Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I becoming slightly american?

I have come to an alarming realisation that perhaps to my dismay I am loosing a little British-ness! two dramatic events today have led me to this conclusion.....
Firstly I had a caffeine emergency today whilst at my in laws and had to resort to instant coffee (as they don't drink coffee and have no coffee pot!), I opened the little instant coffee pouch and too my dismay pulled out a TEABAG containing instant coffee! as I brewed my coffee in a teabag a sense of betrayal overcame me and I felt that the queen would be disappointed to learn that instant coffee now comes in a teabag.... ludicrous

Secondly I pronounced the word tomato the way that an American would say it tom-mate-o, as soon as the word left my mouth I let out a little scream, of course no one else noticed but I was alarmed. So for the rest of the week I plan to make a very conscious effort to be extra British!


  1. mum says you are an inspiration , and I love reading your blog, you are a natural writer (not that I am biased). x