Monday, October 4, 2010

Bonjour French fancy

So I guess the positive side of having no Internet at home means that you get to escape from the house for a little while and enjoy a little coffee time at your local coffee house. I am sitting in French Press an adorable little coffee house decor ed with sophisticated Eiffel towers and little memories of Europe, O home land how I miss you already!..... anyway there is one coveted table here at the coffee shop which sits in front of a cosy fire and guess what today is my lucky day

Here I am writing to you all sitting in front of the cosy fire drinking some delicious coffee :)

While I'm in the french mood listening to the quirky french music playing in here I thought I'd find a few french etsy treasures. I discovered an adorable little shop 'analogue people' take a look at this beautiful scarf which can be found at

Secondly this tote is to die for and for $19 I want to buy one myself!

And lastly, this fabulous pocket watch which I think would look beautiful on a side table or hanging off an aged shelf

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