Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just random!

A wonderful day of yard sale rummaging, sunshine, delicious food and funny stories. Ok well first off as promised I will finish yesterdays posting... ill start with cute cupcakes, after spotting a really adorable overpriced cupcake decorating kit at the paper zone store I decided to create my own decorations and have a girls night in.

I used toothpicks some cute paper and a glue gun to create these little beauties.

Secondly i will share the milking story. My parents in law had a baby calf this week- well obviously they didn't give birth to it but their mama cow did :-) unfortunately baby calf had some serious issues figuring out how to get food from his mama. So naturally we had to trap mama cow -who by the way has a lovely set of huge horns! in between the barn wall and a hinged gate- lovely. After putting baby calf on mama's udder and him still not being able to have any idea what to do, there was no choice but to milk the mama! by process of elimination we discovered that my husband is a natural milker- I'm not sure how pleased he is about this as he is now officially the milker in demand.
Here's me and baby calf- who by the way I would like to name Charlie.

So now I can share with you my amusements from today.. trust me they are truly amusing!
I'll start with my visit to Les Schwab (which for those of you who don't live here Les Schwab is an automotive service center) to fix our squeaky car. My husband and I were getting pretty bored of sitting in the waiting room when in walked a sight to behold. There at the reception counter stood a man who at first I could have mistook as a clown, he was in his late thirties, had shiny high top basketball shoes, long baggy red and white check shorts, a volcom handbag or 'man bag' and a baseball cap with the price tags still fully attached dangling at the back. My husband and I exchanged giggles. He then proceeded to lead a mechanic out to his car, we peered through the window and about died with laughter when we discovered that he had a mini van with reflective rainbow color wheel rims. He certainly made our wait worthwhile, I just wish I would have had my camera to hand.
However when taking a walk in the park this evening I just so happened to have my camera... naturally there was a downhill skateboard speed competition going on! and the participants happened to be a little on the old side!

Well I warned you that I had an interesting day! I'll make sure that tomorrows posting is more design orientated :-)


  1. You are leading a really interesting life! How sweet is Charlie! and of course I am loving your yummy looking cupcakes!

  2. what a cute little calf. did you get to name him after all? :)