Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hitting the jackpot! (pictures to come later! this computer is having some issues uploading)

By chance I saw what appeared to be a yard sale sign at the four way stop, I thought it said a tool sale so my husband was enthusiastic to take a look, to my complete amazement we stumbled upon the most amazing sale I’ve ever seen. A small outbuilding overflowing with treasures, washing lines draped in beautiful blankets and tiny silk handkerchiefs, plants growing from perfectly aged pots, chairs, mirrors, old windows, trinkets of all kinds twinkled under the Christmas lights. I was so excited I didn’t know what to look at. I couldn’t focus I was completely overwhelmed. I distinctively recall saying to my husband “O my gosh I don’t quite know what to do with myself I feel like I’m experiencing a little piece of heaven right now”
After finding an old weighing scale (which apparently the lady used to weigh her babies on!), an amazing blanket, an adorable salt and pepper set, a lace trim table runner, a few more odds and ends and a flower pot that I just could not live without we headed home.

(a few of my treasures)

Naturally I could not keep this treasure spot to myself so I called my girlfriends and headed back a second time! The second time was even better than the first, I had more concentration and was less over whelmed and of course when you have your girlfriends shopping is always twice as fun. This time I snagged a fantastic mirror, a sold oak chair (for $3!!!), some vintage beaters, teacup and saucer and an array of adorable lace trims. We then had a whole lot of fun trying to squeeze it all into my car……….. did I mention that each item was between fifty cents and five dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh wow, what an absolute piece of luck...

    bit like the auction I went to in December not expecting much to be there, only to find them auctioning off the stock of a gemstone bead shop that had gone into administration....apparentely I went into a kind of speechless stooper lol...then got too over excited and spent a ton of money on beads haha.

    Sharon :)

  2. Oh wow!! I can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. Sharon that's funny! bidding at the auction must have been a lot of fun!