Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally a post!

Ah where to start, firstly sorry for the lack of posting this week, I have had so many adventures and squeezed in so much crafting this might be a bit of a random monster posting!
I'll start with crafting and then move on to; rescuing a duck, milking a cow, a day at the beach and cute cupcakes..

Firstly I'll start with some new items added to the shop

A wonderful Memory book perfect for, to state the obvious keeping memories, photos, scrapping, sketching, inspiration collection, the perfect gift or even a wedding guest book

Adorable clothes pins with beautiful fabric fancies, a mixture of printed fabrics make up this adorable set of clothes pins perfect for organizing paperwork, using on indoor inspiration wires, securing bags of food or making any arrangement at the home or office look twice as cute. Environmentally friendly Clothes pins made from Bamboo.

I have done some redecorating at home with a new window banner and table runner
and yes i will admit I have gone a little flower and ruffle crazy!

and the table runner

OK well uploading all these photos has taken a little longer than I originally intended so I'm afraid that I will have to fill you in on the cute cupcakes, rescuing a duck and milking a cow tomorrow. I'll post on this tomorrow I promise

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