Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sold Sold and Sold :)

Firstly a thank you to my lovely readers Danielle and Kelli and your kind messages to me on my last post :)

Good news on the sale, it went well and I sold quite a number of items! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling when people want to buy your creations, when they get excited about what you have made, when you get to meet your customer face to face and see your creations journeying to a new home.

Here is a picture of my table at the sale

A few days after my sale a customer sent me a photograph of the bunting she had bought from me displayed in her kitchen!
How cute


  1. ooh, i really like your table set up! and congratulations on the many sales. that's so wonderful. :)

    how nice of your shopper to send you a photo. :D it looks great in her space.

  2. I beg my shoppers to send photos.. they haven't yet! Good job!