Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thanks to a 'sneak attack'

After an hour or two of trawling through downtown in an attempt of selling some of my creations I returned home a little deflated after having no luck- apparently many of the little stores are struggling with the economy at the moment. However somewhat of a miracle took place whilst I was out.... I returned home and checked my emails only to find that I had made 2 etsy sales :) quite frankly I was ecstatic. It turns out that I had been 'sneak attacked' a lovely group of people have this whole little word of sneak attacks.. they choose new etsy shops and promote them excessively. Take a look at their website

After a joyful afternoon of sales and a tough workout at the gym I ended the evening with the most delightful treat a perfect little chocolate cup filled with coffee chocolate heaven.

One more big thankyou to the sneak attack team!

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