Friday, July 23, 2010

Good grief finally a post!

OK so I haven't blogged in about 10 years (ok slight exaggeration I know- but I do like to class exaggeration as one of my strong points)Well the laptop power cable broke hence no Internet for 2 weeks because we were cheap and bought a new cable off of ebay and it probably had to get shipped for Timbuktu!
well finally I am back on line :) I don't think anyone realises how much they use the Internet... nor will you until you don't have it! but I survived.

Well I have had some creative time although it was on hold for a little while as my brother came to visit and commandeered my craft room!
So here are the latest creations....

OK disaster I've just wasted an abundance of time wondering around my apartment in circles looking for my camera reader in order to upload my photos and of course I can not find it anywhere! so the photos will have to wait until later.. sorry!

So I'm off in to town now in hope of selling some of my creative loot to a local boutique... wish me luck

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